Your safety is our priority

We've taken additional cleaning measures to ensure your safety during your stay with us, implementing additional cleaning and disinfection protocols in accordance with official recommendations.

We've taken additional cleaning measures to ensure your safety during your stay with us.


DisinfectionGuideline for a professional disinfection with Nebulizer

In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we offer the possibility of performing a complete decontamination of the housing with a nebulizer machine with antimicrobial products.

This disinfection will be carried out and certified by a professional company which guarantees the complete decontamination and absence of viruses.

What is Disinfection via Nebulization Machines?

It is a technique that performs the disinfection of surfaces and environments by area (DSVA). This technology guarantees a fast and reliable cleaning and disinfection processes.

The disinfectant is dispersed in the form of small drops similar to mist, using compressed air. The mist, which behaves like a gas, reaches all areas of the room, accessing corners or areas that would be inaccessible by conventional spraying.

The small particles of water in which the biocidal active ingredients of the disinfectant are dissolved and deposited on the surfaces of the room, forming a thin film on them.

The products are effective on the coronavirus SARS within 2 minutes. They provide a continual antimicrobial action that helps keep surfaces and the environment clean and resistant to re-infection.

This Procedure Should be Done by Certified Companies

The disinfection by nebulization process is carried out by professional companies who have the authorization and permits in order to carry out this activity.

At the end of the process, they will issue a decontamination certificate that they will find on arrival at the accommodation and that guarantees the decontamination.

Pre-cleaning of the Accommodation

Before the disinfection by nebulization, the property is cleaned to remove dust, stains or any other type of dirt.

Disinfectants and biocides recommended by the health authorities will be used, strictly following the recommendations for use

In addition, a protocol is applied for the disinfection of certain elements before the nebulization

Dishes and kitchen utensils

After checking out, all dishes, glasses, cutlery or other kitchen utensils, used or not, will be washed at a minimum temperature of 60ºC

Textiles, sofas and upholstery

All sets of sheets and towels, even the unused ones, are cleaned thoroughly. They have previously been washed at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees in complete wash cycles. Upholstery and sofas are sprayed with a textile disinfectant

Electronic devices and frequent contact surfaces

Remote controls, tablets, touch screens, knobs, keyboards, garage door knobs, keys, etc will be cleaned manually with a disinfectant.